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"Interaction design students using role-playing in physical space together with an interactive digital model in Minecraft to demonstrate a delivery system for apartments. Physical and virtual space merge. The BellBoy project by Fredrik Fröst, William Gabrielsson and Simon Olsson. From the course Interaction Design Project, at the Interaction Design and Techonology masters program." - Kuggen Medialab


We want to explore the possibilities and feasibility of access code-sharing from residents to delivery men/firms. And also, the possibility of a room with shared boxes used for storing delivered items such as (delivered food/groceries, items bought online, etc).

How does it work?

By using the Bellboy application residents can share access codes to friends, family and other desired persons. The code can be set with or without a timer and the resident can always deactive the access code.

Delivery compaines get access to the storage room by QR-code and can easily drop off their parcels. When an item is dropped off the resident will get a notification letting them now what was dropped off and by which company. In the storage room there are freezers and refrigerators where foodstuffs can be dropped off.


All this was prototyped using minecraft and a mobile application. The user scans a QR-code and the user is shown what would happen if it were in the real world. Visitors of the exhibiont were able to interact with the working prototype.

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