Taking the classroom to another level
What is Xcursion? Xcursion outlines a conceptual and implementation model for experiential learning. Its mission is to help students understand concepts that are abstract or difficult to visualize by experiencing and interacting with them in Virtual Reality.
The vision
Our aim with Xcursion is to increase students’ understanding of certain concepts beyond factual information by employing VR in an educational context.
During an Xcursion the participants encounter three steps:

1. The Journey Begins Starting out in a normal classroom, the students and teacher put on their VR glasses. The classroom now has the ability to take you to remote places and worlds you love. The teacher briefs the class about the excursion, while the virtual classroom is slowly moving towards their destination.

2. Exploration phase Students are assigned different tasks to do in groups based on the intended learning objectives. They could go inside the human body and learn how the heart muscle works or perhaps dive deep in the ocean and discover new species of fish. The possibilities are virtually endless!

3. Debriefing This phase provides an opportunity for the teacher students to discuss and analyze their findings from the whole experience inside the VR environment. The environment itself becomes a living and breathing visual aid!

Kinan Aldebes
Simon Eliasson
Marcus Tyren