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What is Ocuclass?

OcuClass is an augmented reality system consisting of three different parts: the OcuClass cardboard, the accompanying app, and the markers containing customized information. Together, these parts make up the augmented environment in which the students will learn.


OcuClass come with its own Google Cardboard. Each student and teacher has one of these exclusive design OcuClass eyewear. With a comfortable fit for your head and a safe place for phone, it allow the viewer to see the augmentations as though they were real.


Students and teachers use an app to log in to OcuClass. The app is the magic that makes the augmentation of virtual material onto the real world possible. Interacts with markers in the environment, the app displays the corresponding material.

AR Markers

The teacher assigns class material to different markers and places them at desired locations. When the app detects an AR marker, it creates an augmented layer on top of the marker. The viewer then sees this augmented material as if it were present in the real world.


Possible uses for OcuClass

Guided Tour

Museum-style guided tour

Free Exploration

Free exploration in your own pace

Outdoor Environments

Explore the augmented outdoors

Exploration From Desk

Watch augmented material appear right on your desk

Seated Exploration

Incorporate AR into lectures


  • Prolonged attention span

    Shorter focus times + mini breaks

    The different stations help keep the students attentive longer because they are stayed at for only a short period of time. After each station, the students move on to the next one, creating a break in the class. Research has shown that these mini breaks help to bring students’ alertness back.

  • Increased alertness

    Through movement

    With OcuClass, students no longer struggle to pay attention in class. The system requires students to stand up and move around, which increases their ability to focus by supplying the brain with more blood and oxygen.


    Input through different channels

    Since certain subjects can be difficult for many students to understand, especially highly theoretical ones, OcuClass tours should help them to better understand the concepts by supplying them with information from different input channels, targeting different senses. It will help to engage with more realistic representations of the material than are available in a normal lecture.

  • Heightened enthusiasm

    Through immersion

    Students have the benefit of getting more immersed in the class material. The 3D models show the material from a more realistic view, and allow students to explore the material deeper than they may during a lecture. This will hopefully enhance their enthusiasm and interest in the subject.

  • Adaptable

    Use anywhere, easy to set up

    OcuClass is great for teachers because of its adaptability and flexibility. It can be used anywhere, and is easy to set up. Teachers do not need to worry about scheduling, travel time, and the financial issues that accompany museum field trips, but can still reap the benefits of the experience the students gain.

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