The Game

A two person game that is set in space. A pilot and a mechanical arm operator try to collect as many satellites as possible during a set amount of time, somewhere around 1.5 minutes. The pilot navigates the space shuttle to the different satellites and the operator collects the satellites by using mechanical space arm. The operator then plays a very brief minigame to repair the satellites, this to mimic the actual work of the astronauts. The experience takes place in a VR environment where the players sit together in a shuttle, along with actual physical flight stick controllers.

The Team

We are a team of students with designers, programmers and informatics. Together we are developing a VR game that will teach kids about autronauts duty in space.
Wibo Farg AB


Therese Johansson
Design & Communication
Anna Romell
Design & Infographics
Emmanuel Batis
Developer & Game Designer
Henrik Andersson
Developer & Game Designer
Emil Ahsberg
Developer & Game Designer