- Explore the Vastness of Space -

Travel at the Speed of Light

Start on earth and travel to Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and Mars.

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Understand distances

The user has to make an effort to reach a destination. Some are more difficult than others. By using the body to travel a distance, the experience will be more memorable. The user will not only read or see the difference between distances, but also feel the difference.

A learning experience

Not only will the user learn about speed and distances. Several fun facts will pop up on the screen during the travel. When the user reaches a planet, more information will be shown about that planet. The SpaceTravel is a learning experience.

Work out

As a lot of users will realize, space traveling is not easy. In addition to the learning experience, the users will have a chance to improve their fitness. It takes a while to travel to some of the planets, even when you travel at the speed of light.

- The concept -

The idea is to provide users with a more memorable space traveling experience. There are a lot of different simulations today where the users have the possibility to navigate themselves in our solar system. However, in most cases you don’t realize the huge distances and the effort it requires to travel to another planet. SpaceTravel is a more memorable and relatable experience that allows the user to feel the difference in distances, both in speed we can relate to and at the speed of light.

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- The prototype -

The prototype we created is an exercising bike in front of a screen. The user has the option to choose a destination: the Moon, Venus, Mercury or Mars. At the beginning, the user is going in normal bicycle speed and has to speed up to a certain level to go into light speed mode.

- Why the bike -

Why use a bicycle for space traveling? Fair question, a bicycle has no place in space traveling. However, it’s a vehicle we all can relate to. We know how to use it, we recognize the traveling speed of a bicycle and it requires human effort to travel with. We believe the experience of using a bicycle will affect the user in a way a simulation with a spacecraft couldn’t. Using the body to travel between point A and point B is a different experience than to push a button and watch a simulation of the same travel.

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- The team -

Anes Abdulahovic


Hampus Albihn


Plamen Mateev