Teenage girls use technology as much as anyone. But studies show that they aren’t as interested in how it works and where it’s going as boys are.


Teenage girls are interested in all the cool things they can do with technology. But they lose interest when they can’t see how technology is relevant to their lives. We wanted to create a showcase which both shows some of the inside workings of new technology in an intuitive and attractive way as well as demonstrating how the technology can be used in fun ways. Our hope is that this mix of revealed technology and futuristic playful use of technology, packaged in a way appealing to young girls, might inspire them to pursue tech.


In Your Face! is an interactive exhibition that showcases face recognition and IoT devices in a fun and cool way. The core of the showcase is a “digital mirror” which continuously shows the look of the person in front of it, but in data points. Smile, emotion and attributes such as glasses and a hat are analysed using face recognition and shown on the mirror. The face recognition data controls IoT devices in the room. Smart Lights change colors based on what face the visitor does, a smart speaker comments on the visitors looks and ambient sounds change from rain to singing birds based on the visitors smile.


Daniel Ahlqvist
Andreas Andersson
Pauline Lorin
Linn Thorsager
Jan Urbanek