Welcome to releaf
An interactive and explorative experience that combines sensors, plants and sounds to create a calm and creative environment
Feel the music

This is Releaf

A project in the M.Sc. program Interaction Design and Technologies at Chalmers in collaboration with Universeum in Gothenburg, with the aim of designing an exhibit to increase young girls' interest in emerging technology. #NyTeknik


Releaf is an interactive environment that, with the help of different sensors, aims to show young girls what is possible within the are of new technology. Sensors used are flex sensors, light sensors, tilt ball and accelerometer.


To show that technology can indeed be both fun, relaxing and innovative, the sensors are integrated into plants, which also provides a calming environment that proves that technology can be implemented into almost anything.


By activating the sensors through touching or bending the leaves of the plants, the user will be able to create music with their friends and contribute to the creative environment that is Releaf.


Here is a closer look at the project in its location at Universeum and some of the graphics used.

Lush and mysterious




Close to nature


Project Poster

Advertising the Releaf experience

Info Posters

Project process and food for thought

Sensor Signs

Describing and naming each sensor

Our Design Team

We are a part of the Interaction Design and Technologies M.Sc. at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. You have visited Releaf, which was our contribution to the 2018 Interaction Design Project in collaboration with Universeum.

Anders Sivertsson


Annie Rehnberg

Plant Implementation Manager


Senior Sensor


Supreme Master
of Graphics

Louise Henriksson

Soldering Sensor Implementor

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our project or want to hire us! ;)