Sense of taste

This is a small site showcasing the project of three students of the mastersprogram Interaction Design & Technologies at Chalmers University of Technology. The project was done for the course Project in Intraction Design.


A lot of modern technology uses a multitude of different sensors in order to get information about its surroundings. These sensors are often well hidden inside the device it belongs to. This can make modern technology difficult to understand and seem "magical" in a sense. Making some kind of technology where these sensors are less hidden, used heavily for interaction with the technology, might make it easier to understand the inner workings of and the uses of these sensors and therefore might also spark interest in this type of technology. This was the basis of the idea for this project which will be explained in more detail in the following section.

A game controlled by sensors

After the initial ideation phase of this project a few ideas had come to mind. What we eventually settled on was a cooperative game controlled by sensors. A fun and interactive way to learn about how sensors used in current technology work.

The game

The player chooses an ingredient by drawing a picture and taking a photo of it. An image recognition software is used to decide which ingredient has been drawn and then spawn the ingredient in the game.

Some ingredients need to be fried. The player points a flashlight on a photoresistor which controls the heat of the frying pan in the game.

The chef character in the game is used to move ingredients around. It is controlled by placing your hands in front of two ultrasonic sensors, one controlling the movement in the X-axis and the other controlling the movement in Y-axis.

In order to chop the ingredients the player uses a foam knife to physically chop on a chopping board. An IR sensor is used to sense when a chop is performed and communicates this to the game.


The team


Hampus Rönström

Oskar Willman