Messages from space

An interactive game exhibition introducing teenagers to the Aricebo message and radio waves. #ShowingTheInvisible

The Exhibition

The Process

Inspire teens

The aim of the exhibition was to get teenagers interested in science. This through having them play a game where they should decode binary waves into pixel art images. With the background that humans sent out the Aricebo message in 1974.


The team carried out user research, ideation, low-fi to high-fi prototyping in Figma/Illustrator, usability testing, quick-and-dirty prototyping and coding.

Prototyping and implementation

The game was implemented in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Buttons were soldered and coded using Arduino.

The team

Miranda Bånnsgård
Raha Dadgar
Daniela Frölich
Michelle Tran Luu
Stina Wenger