An innovative puzzle game for 2+∞ players

Quantum Entanglement is a puzzle game inspired by the physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Each player controls a quantum particle (or a person in a costume, if you prefer), whose movements are instantaneously transmitted to the other player - one player can move left and right, while the other can move up and down, which means that the players must communicate in other to solve each puzzle. This isn't actually how quantum entanglement works, but we hope that you can enjoy the game regardless!


The game is a 2D real-time puzzle game which consists of four pairs of levels. When playing, the two players are located in different levels! When both players reach the goals of their respective levels, they advance to the subsequent level. Other than the tutorial, every level focuses on an obstacle inspired by a physical phenomenon, including black holes, solar flares and wormholes!


A monitor which is within eyesight of neither of the two players shows both levels, which means that spectators can help the players from a different perspective!


The game is played using three monitors - one for each player, and one for the spectators. The game was exhibited on the third floor of Universeum on October 25-26.