Quantified Self

The purpose of this project was to allow the users, primarily teens, to gain insights and spark reflections about themselves and their everyday lives.
We wanted to enable this through exploring a new way of interacting in games. Utilizing how facial expressions connect to something most teens use on a daily basis; emojis.

Interaction Concept

  • Collaborate

    Play together as two for the best experience.

  • Mimic Emotions

    Try to mimic the emotions that are displayed on screen, as an effort to collect points together!

  • View your Score

    After the game look at your personal performance and learn what emotions you are an emotionstar at or which emotions you struggle with.

  • How does it work?

    The AI application senses different parts of the user’s face such as eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. It then interpret the shapes of these to determine which facial expression the person is most likely to have at the moment.


  • Warm up

    In the first step of the game you get to practise your facial expressions, but be aware once you completed them all the game will start and every expression counts!

  • Collect those points!

    Now you have roughly 1minute to bring back home those sweet points, collect them all to beat highscores :O

  • Stats

    View your teams and indivual performance, did you get a medal? We sure hope so. Just mimic the faces again to filter the data and you will find out.

The Team

  • Emil Josefsson

  • Jesper Lindström

  • Mattias Hallin

  • Florian Hild

  • Ludvig Andersson