Quantified Self - Learn How Your Heart Rate Works

The Project

The Virtual Science Center

The purpose of this project is to make natural science interesting and relevant for young adults (12 - 16 years). The project should inspire them to learn more about science and lead them into research in a fun & interactive way. It is a collaboration together with 'Digitala Universeum' with the aim to contribute to their site with a wide range of new concepts and prototypes for learning environments, where users can explore science through tracking and measuring themselves (Quantified Self).

What is "Pulse Race"?

Pulse Race is a gamified information visualization where you can play as a single player or two players. You are a character and the mission is to collect points. Each player has it’s own character which leaves traces behind it, forming a graph of the users heart rate (bpm). When the game is finished the result is presented and the users can learn & discuss about their statistics.

How to Play

Select a Name

If you end up on the score board, this is the name that will be used.

Heart Rate Sensor

Put on a heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is a wristband from Polar.

Play the Game

You control the character through your pulse. Increasing the pulse = moving up, decreasing = moving down.

Gather Stars

You get points by hitting the stars. The goal is to get as many points possible.

Get the Result

Did you win? What does your heart rate graph look like? How high or low pulse did you reach?

Discuss & Reflect

What factors affect the heart rate? Did the character response directly when you tried to increase or decrease the pulse? Why could that be?


The Team

M.Sc. Interaction Design & Technologies at Chalmers University of Technology