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An interactive quiz to evoke reflection on screen use

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The Project

ScreenTime is an interactive website, designed to be a part of Digitala Universeum, a digital experience of Sweden’s science center Universeum. ScreenTime promotes screen time awareness as it encourages the user to reflect on his/her own time spent on the phone, and further highlights some important design decisions behind everyday services, such as social media applications. This is intended to acknowledge the user on the intentions of and methods used by companies and inventors around the world, in order to provide a foundation for informed decisions connected to screen time. Thus, this project is aiming towards educating users within the field of social science as it explains some central aspects of the effects, e.g. in a health perspective, of frequent interaction with various applications, and further natural science as it explains the opportunities of using technology as a tool to affect people and their behavior.

For whom?

ScreenTime is designed for the target group of 12-16 year olds in Sweden. Digitala Universeum has a great potential to be incorporated into the school environment, and ScreenTime has the potential to act as a tool in the discussion about screen time awareness, by promoting reflection of the individual’s own time spent on their smartphones.

The Team

Carl Dreyer


David Granqvist


Hannah Malmback


Markus Wallander


Julia Wallén