A spatial framework for digital science center experiences


TrilateStation strives to bring virtual content into the physical science center.

If you bring the digital platform into the physical science center, the visitors can bring the science center home when the visit is over.

Check out the video prototype of the project along with a demo of the Android App

How it works

Virtual/Physical Exhibit Map

When using the application, visitors can use the map to locate digital material within the exhibit. By walking up to the different interaction points, they could potentially play games, listen to audio guides, and learn more about the exhibits. During IDXPO, the app is used to access other groups web pages.

Map image

Indoor Tracking Technology

The technology being used for the indoor tracking on the map is called Trilateration. It utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons to find the phone's current position. An animation explains this technology further. Hopefully, this will make visitors more aware of how the technology they are in contact with works.

Quantified Self

The application will register the time that visitors spend on different activities. The visitors can then learn more about what they appear to find most interesting, and see what they might have missed. By bringing a quantified version of the science center home when the visit is over, they can keep exploring the topics from the science center whenever they like.

Summary image

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