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How does it work?

The object of the game is to explore life as a student at Chalmers University of Technology during a set number of rounds that represents a full study period at Chalmers. During the game the players will be met with different opportunities based on real life events, and make choices that depending on both chance and character traits will give different outcomes. The game introduces the players to how Chalmers life can look, including aspects of academics, student union activities, home and family, and leisure and health where points will be gained in those different zones. All in all, the game evokes conversation between players and gives them their own unique Chalmers story to learn and get inspired from when starting their own education.
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New York

1. All players fill in their character cards

Each player takes one Game piece each, with the corresponding colored Character cards including the four Score tokens for each zone on the map, and a box of colored Time tokens.

Every player starts with three time tokens that are placed in front of the Character card. Each player fills in their Character cards according to how they see themselves, and places all four score tokens on zero.


2. Getting Started

All players then move one step to the right, and will play as that new character in front of them. Shuffle the Bonus cards and deal two cards to each player.

Each player looks at their Bonus cards and decides on which one they wish to keep. Any returned cards are placed on the bottom of the Bonus card deck, and the deck is then placed on the marked place in the middle of the board map. Before starting the game, decide on how many rounds you want to play, preferably between 10-20. The players will then place their own game piece in the middle, at Teknologgården, pointing towards the zone they will first enter.

San Francisco

3. Cards

There exist two different types of cards that could be played within the game; Event & Exam cards and Bonus cards.

Event & Exam Cards
The cards hold events that the players will receive during their turns, and have the opportunity to play out.* If an exam card is drawn, place it on the exam spot on the Board Map and follow the instructions on it. The exam cards apply for all players and need to be performed within 3 rounds if the players want to avoid losing points.

Bonus Cards
The Bonus cards contain goals for the player to complete in the game to earn extra points. Each player will begin the game by choosing one out of two randomly distributed Bonus cards*.

Character Cards

4. The Game Turn

The player that lives closest to Campus Lindholmen begins, the turns then proceeds clockwise around the table.

During a turn, a player must perform one (and only one) of the following two actions:

  1. Draw one time token.
  2. If you want, move your game piece one step in any direction.
  3. If you want, use your time tokens to move extra steps (one step for each token)
  4. Draw one Event card in the zone you are currently in, and read it out loud.
  5. If you want, play Event card(s).
  • Draw two time tokens
OBS! At the end of your turn, you can have a maximum of three cards on your hand. If you have more, discard cards on your hand until you do.


5. The Board Map

The Board Map consists of four different zones: Academic, Student Life, Home & Family, and Leisure & Health.

Depending on which zone a player is in, it is easier to collect points from that category. Each zone includes two different types of physical buildings, most of them which exist in real life at Chalmers campus areas. Some Event cards include requirements of moving your game piece to those specific buildings in order to perform the event.

San Francisco

6. The Game End

The game ends when the pre-decided amount of rounds have been played out (preferably between 10-20 rounds).

Each player then adds points from their finished Bonus cards to their Character card according to what is written on the Bonus cards. Depending on the player’s final score in each zone, the player gets a personalized ending. To access the ending, the QR-code on the Character card is scanned and the player will get to fill in their score on a site to generate the ending. The endings tell the players a version of what life after Chalmers might be like.


Curious about how your story at Chalmers end?


Enter your score in respective zone....


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Pontus Holmgren

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