Brick the Gap

Build friendships | destroy walls

The Project

The Project

What is “Brick the Gap”?

Brick the gap is a cooperative game that is played without knowledge of who you are cooperating with. A wall of sturdy and dense styrofoam bricks separate the two players. The players will take turns to remove a block from the wall, and read questions that are written on the bricks. This will fuel a discussion between the players. Each time a brick is removed the players expose themselves visually to each other. Once the wall collapses, the game is over. The goal is to remove as many bricks as possible before the wall collapses.


Brick the Gap is built to highlight and remove preconceptions regarding looks. The game aims for people to meet new people where the players will focus on sharing experiences and stories from their lives without judging each other visually. The game has been developed as a way to help the stakeholder, the Student Union at Chalmers University of Technology, with the issue of finding new ways to better integrate international students with national students.

For who?

The target group is all students at Chalmers University of Technology, no matter of graduate level or nationality who want to integrate and meet new people.

How to play


1.Two players unknown to eachother to each other, will take place on each side of the wall.


2. You will take turn pushing blocks out of the wall. But be careful! If the wall falls down, the game is over.


3. The player on the other side will receive the block and check if there is a question written on it. If the block has no question written on it - carefully place it on top of the wall. If the block has a question written on it - read aloud and both players will answer the question before it is placed on top of the wall.

Our Process


Emphasising the issue at hand


Define what we're going to work with


Produce ideas. Break boundaries.


Visualise the solutions.


Playtest the prototype.

The Team


Max Arfvidsson Nilsson


Kassandra Bley


Augustas Eidikis


Sophie Gimströmer


Ibrahim Naboulsi


Marcus Svensson