Time's running out. Who will claim the most?

The Bright Side is a multiplayer wall game designed to promote movement for kids and childish adults. Are you ready?



"To involve kids in movement and teach them that physical activity can be simple and enjoyable."


A competetive two-player game where the goal is to claim more buttons than your opponent. Players stand on either side of the wall and claim buttons by tapping them. This will change the button’s color, indicating it’s yours.


Since the game mechanics are simple, almost anyone can participate! But the game is designed for kids who are 8 years or older and can move freely.


To promote movement by engaging kids in an active and fun game. The vision is to communicate to the players that movement can be fun, and motivate them to continue to be active even after the game experience is over.


The Bright Side is made out of two boards comprising a giant wall. Each side of the wall has a total of 12 buttons, each made up of a 3D printed shell housing a LED strip with an aluminum plate covering the front. Each plate is connected to a capacitive sensor. This results, not in a regular push-button, but rather a touch button. One touch changes the color of the button to the one corresponding to the color of the side the player is on. Neat! To bring this all together, The Bright Side is powered by an Arduino Mega housed within the wall together with a total of 130 metres(!) of wire.


Our Secrets Unveiled

Lo-Fi Prototyping.

3D printed casing ready to become a real button!

The dark insides of The Bright Side. We don't talk about this.

Render of Final Product.

Actual Final Product.