A fun and interesting game that children can play while adding movements, such as walking and running to the gameplay


You are a fox that tries to find a newer, better place to live after yours have been destroyed after an environmental disaster. You have heard from the wise owl in your forest that there exists a place over land and oceans that is as green as it could be and flourish with life, and you go out in the wild to find it You meet other animals as you continuing travel through different environments to reach the place.


FoxTale is a text-based mobile game that is inspired by text adven- ture games. The target group is eight year old children that likes to read books. The game is aims to make it fun to walk outside and get moving while providing immersive gameplay which could enforce the will to go outside for daily exercise.

Various object connected with dashed lines. Illustration.

Text Based

text based

The game is a text-based adventure with bookworm children in mind.

Exercise Interaction


Use an interesting way to "force" player to exercise during game playing

Immersive Interaction


The player's movement in reality will affect the movement of the game character, enhancing the immersive gaming experience

Multi-line story


Players make different choices in the game will affect the direction of the plot, experience different scenes and plots


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