The Watcher is a multiplayer gps-based game where you collect coins that appear on the map. The first player to collect 3 coins wins! You collect coins by physically moving to their locations and picking them up. But beware! If The Watcher catches you moving, your chances of winning are reduced!


The Watcher is on the lookout for movement. If you move, you might be discovered! Use this time to look at the map to see what’s currently happening in the game, and plan your next move!

Interaction Button


Penalty System

The movement meter tells you how much you can move in the Freeze phase.

First level penalty: You may not move during the next Move-phase.

Second level penalty: You must return to the starting zone to continue playing. All interactions are disabled in this state.


The watcher is turning a blind eye, granting you the opportunity to move towards power-ups and coins without being caught! Fortunately, vibrations and sounds are emitted when The Watcher’s eye is about to open.


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