For how long can you outrun the bandits?

Dodge City is a game where you and a friend try to outrun pursuing bandits in a western world. Player 1 is controlling the speed of the character by running on a step pad, and can switch lanes with the buttons on the side of the step board. The character will face obstacles that only player 2 can overcome meaning that communication between the players is needed. Through successful collaboration and continous movement the players can reach success in the game.

Encourage movement

The purpose of this project is to incentivize physical activity and wellness among children and young teenagers whilst simultaneously utilizing the diminishing space of schoolyards. Since social interaction has been shown as a motivator to play, we decided to make it a collaborative two-player game.


Player 2 needs to press the buttons at the right time to dodge the obstacles the character is facing in the game. Each button is connected to a certain action.


The buttons are placed on platforms at different heights. The lowest button lets the character slide under obstacles. The button placed in the middle controls the kicking mechanism. The third button makes the character jump. The idea with the different platforms is to add the element of movement for player 2 and to simulate the characters movement pattern.

Step pads

Four step pads are used to control the game. The player has to run in place using the two step-pads in the middle to keep the bandit away while using the ones on the side to maneuver.


The game itself is run on a tv-screent that is built into a wooden box to make it feel like an old school arcade game.

The project team

Elin Nilsson
Alexander Larsson Vahlberg
Isak Lindgren
Alban Fredriksson
Santosh Renukuntla
Sameera Ratnayake