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noun, pronounced /weev/

1. A strategic game centered on teamwork, where players collaboratively navigate complex, interwoven pathways. Inspired by intertwined threads in fabric, it emphasizes unity and shared strategy.

2. A play on the words 'we' and 'weave', combining teamwork and interweaving.


Teamwork-Focused Gameplay Embrace the power of collaboration as you join forces with your friends in a fast-paced, team-oriented challenge.


Competitive Fun Push your limits to become the highest scoring team.


Designed for Everyone Welcoming for players of all ages, from casual to avid gamers.

Work together to stay alive! It's easy to steer your line towards the target without crashing on the way, but can you do it when a bunch of your friends join the game too? Try to get the highest score together 💯 and don't cross each other's paths ❌

Splash screen showing game instructions

Project members

Elias Kjellberg Carlson

Christos Vazouras

Levente Varga

Erik Wessman

Theo Wiik

Krystyna Ziobro