The Waiting Room

Step inside and leave your expectations at the door. What you thought was a typical escape room experience is something altogether different.

In The Waiting Room, you'll encounter a series of questions. Seemingly mundane at first, they'll lead you down a path of mystery, unease, and introspection. As you progress, the world around you will shift, and so will you.

Is this just a waiting room, or is it the adventure itself? What lies beneath the surface of these peculiar questions, and what will they reveal about you? Sometimes, the most intriguing puzzles are the ones that challenge your beliefs and push the boundaries of your comfort.

During the exhibition, this room goes by the title "Le Porte Della Percezione," meaning "The Doors of Perception." The choice of language is deliberate, for within this room, you'll find doors of perception opening and boundaries blurring. Welcome to a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where expectations are subverted and mysteries await those who dare to enter.

Are you ready to question everything, even yourself? The answers await in The Waiting Room.