Team Prototype About How-to Home Sleeping Bear
Do Not Wake
The Bear
How to not wake upThe Bear
Two players balance a ball
on a board using a pulley system
One player enters a separate
room where they must silently convey
the correct hole to the other players
The two players must guide a ball into
the correct hole. Putting it in the wrong
creates noise and risks waking up a bear
Once successful, a new hole is shown, and
the process repeats until all holes has been hit

Design goal

We want to explore methods of communication other than verbal communication. By designing the puzzle in a way that requires bodily movement as a medium for communication and careful interpersonal physical synergy to complete the puzzle, we hope to explore the topic of teamwork in a novel way.

The Puzzle

The puzzle is a sort of carnival game where two players are balancing a board with two ropes attached to a pulley system. On the wall behind the board, there are several holes with animals next to them. The goal is to balance a rock-looking ball to the correct hole through cooperation and guidence from a third player.

The Room

A player enters the room with an animal on a screen, communicates silently through charades to guide teammates to the right hole, and then they repeat this process for multiple rounds, striving to hit all the different holes in the correct order as fast as possible.

The Prototype
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