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IDXPO is the name of this year’s student exhibition ending the course Interaction Design Project at the Interaction Design master programme at Chalmers.

Thirteen projects have been put together, combining the physical world, games, and concepts into brand new experiences. Touch, wear, connect, and play, on floors, walls and tables at this four day exhibition at the ground floor of Lindholmen Science Park.

Welcome to experience IT in a new way.


Vivified Vicinity

Imagine a world, where furniture and home electronics are not merely objects, but vivified inhabitants of our vicinity. Imagine a world, where your grumpy old sofa complains about your weight gain and the rainy weather, or where your talkative coffee maker is gossiping about both your life and the life of her fellow objects.

Visit the project website for more info.


The Phonealicious project strives to encourage reflection upon how cellphones are used and how our behaviours and values have changed over time. The project is divided into three parts, each playfully explores a certain concept.

The GlovePhone shows the viewer an alternative to how the look, feel and use of cellphones could be.

The PhoneBox and the VoiceShirt make the viewer reflect upon the private space we require and expect when talking on the cellphone, and also what public space we are invading with our private conversations.

Visit the project website for more info.

Tetris Tower Wars

A physics based tower building game where players compete to build the highest tower, and try to sabotage the other player's building! The players interact on a large projected screen, using natural motion to manipulate the building pieces. The game requires strategy and planning as well as quick reflexes and fine precision. Build higher, stronger and faster!

Visit the project website for more info.

Ice Breaker

There is an art to conversation. An art that comes natural to some, completely baffles others and is something that most of us could get better at. The aim of the Icebreaker is to use technology as a catalyst for maintaining a casual conversation or to move the conversation past everyday pleasantries. The Icebreaker ubiquitously displays common interests shared by the people involved in a social interaction. By doing this the Icebreaker can evolve the interaction from a casual chat to an interesting and rewarding conversation.

Visit the project website for more info.

Bring Your Own Controller

Bring Your Own Controller is an attempt to introduce a new form of social multiplayer gaming into the public space. BYOC acts as a platform that connects a wide range of controllers with special made video games that can be played by 1 to 20+ people on a shared screen.
Ultimately a wide range of games could be played on the BYOC platform, for this project one concept game has been developed: Tug. It is a co-operative platformer where players try to solve puzzles by using their tug rope to manipulate the game's physics.

Visit the project website for more info.


We wanted to create a video game and an input that was specialized for that game. We wanted the input to be something that hadn't been seen in games before. What we got was Drawesome. Drawesome is a game played by two or more players. The players control the game by drawing. They draw the units they want to create and let them fight the fierce battle of conquering the enemies base

Visit the project website for more info.

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is an exercising game to shoot the wicked aliens in the merges of the physical and virtual world. You will simulate a space police who regularly patrol the space in order to fight off the wicked aliens in a limited time, but to avoid harm to the kindhearted aliens. The wicked aliens are not easy that they are floating fast and going to attack you. You have to follow the certain circles lighting on the ground to move in order to shoot the wicked aliens, avoid the attack from them and avoid obstacles in collision hanging on the ceiling. The game is not as easy as you think. We called it an exercising game, which means there are many exercises and adventures waiting for you. Can you maintain peace in the universe? We will seeeeee...

Visit the project website for more info.


Imagine you were energy minister of Sweden. What energy sources would you invest in? Could you balance the cost and energy needs of cities and factories? VisibEL puts you in that situation! VisibEL is an educational, tangible game that models the electricity production in Sweden. You gain energy by attaching (building) phicons of hydro, coal or nuclear power plants on the desired locations on the map. You gain money by attaching (building) factory phicons. Your objective is to get enough power to light your cities up and by doing that learn about how electricity is produced and distributed.

Visit the project website for more info.

Interactive Shelf

The project is about an interactive shelf which can guide kids to clean their rooms after playing. After all the toys are returned correctly, the shelf will enable one screen (somewhere) to play cartoon movie (or something else) as reward to kids which will teach and encourage the kids to clean the rooms and manage their toys. The shelf will be interactive for both kids and adults to know the situations of all the toys (returned correctly or not). If there is one toy is placed wrong, the kids will be informed to try again. We expert that the shelf we product will be the tool for kids to know and learn some family responds to help and easy their parents' family life.

Visit the project website for more info.

Dance: Totem!

Totem: Dance! takes dancing out of the clubs and into a public space.

We move the elements of a dance floor out into the open, how will people react? Will this encourage dance or will it be ignored?

Visit the project website for more info.

Body Blob

Body Blob is Twister taken to another level. We propose making play more physical. In order to do this we will increase the interaction space and track a player's full body movement. Body Blob will support multiplayer interaction.

Visit the project website for more info.

Surface Sublimation

Sublimation is a tower defense video game on Microsoft Surface. The game uses the Surface tactile technology to enhance the players' game experience. They can upgrade different parts of the towers and need to rotate them like a DJ to have the right weapons in the right directions, to struggle against waves of enemies that keep on attacking the towers. The game also takes advantage of physical object detection since the HUD will be a transparent plate of plastic that will become interactive when placed on the table allowing players to configure and build towers.

Visit the project website for more info.

In search of Dr. Him.

A two player co-operative game where your goal is to beat adventurous puzzles and avoid dangers while progressing through different levels. The game emphasizes co-operation, and real-life communication between the players is essential. The levels are designed in a way so that both players will have to be in sync and active during the entire level. To make the levels more challenging different tools used to solve the puzzles of the levels will be used in combination between the players or the levels can not be completed. All the graphics is hand made and scanned in to give the game a more characteristic feeling.

Visit the project website for more info.