Everything is vibration

Wave labs is a connected system of vibrating media designed to make you curious & ask the first question of how and why things vibrate. Through the common medium of sound the system vibrates not only the air around you but also a liquid and a solid object. Through hearing, touch and vision you can experience the effect of the soundwaves with these different medias.

Hear the wave

Sound is the source of wave labs. It is the common denominator forming the basis for the exploratory learning the system provides. When you interact with the system a speaker plays the sound with the given wavelength.

See the wave

Using a Chladni Plate the vibrations form patterns in sand. Different wavelengths & tones form different patterns. When you interact with the system you can explore the soundscape to form unique patterns.

Feel the wave

Vibrations through water create a tiny storm on the surface. The water bends in a wave pattern and becomes more chaotic when the frequency of the wave is set lower. At some frequencies the water can splash violently sending drops up to one meter in the air. The vibrations can easily be felt if you where to put your hand in the vibrating water.

Manipulate the wave

The Wave labs uses sound as the basis for learning. Thus it also uses a symbol for sound as a controller. By rotating a vinyl plate you can create all frequencies in the hearable spectrum and use it to interact with the Chladni plate and the water. The motion of spinning the plate is also intuitive & represents manipulating sound. Like a DJ would spin records to control sound you can spin the vinyl-plate to control Wave Lab.


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